On Oct23, my envi-sci classmates and myself visited engineering office to observe all the different usages of energy and electricity. When we entered the room, I was able to see that there were 127 CCTVs and I was surprised that there were so many generators in KIS. Also, I found another surprising fact that we use around 500 KWH average a day. During snowy days, we use another 500 KWH to melt down the snow. They use energy in many different uses, for example, heating up all 115 classes, cafeteria, parking lots, melting down the frozen roads, and providing energy to the lights in every rooms and hallways.

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Field Trip Reflection #1

On 26th Oct, Wed, my Env.Sci class went to trip to Tancheon River. When we arrived, what I saw was just bunch of flowers, trees, and a river. However, when I went into the river, I was very surprised because of many things. First, when I went into the river, I had to feel how the water was cold. As I walk toward the deeper place, the temperature of the water was lower, while the shallow part was warmer. Secondly, I did not really know that many fish live in the river. I looked carefully into the river and I found out that there were many small and big fish were swimming in the river. Lastly, I was able to classify all different kinds of flowers.   

This trip was so fun and refreshing. It gave all us a great opportunity to meet the nature much closer.

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Live simply so that others may simply live.

I totally agree with the statement. If we live simply, then others are able to live simply, too, and we all can make a better society together. We are living in one world with other people together. All of us make the better society and the better nation together. Not one individual can do it all by oneself. However, I can be the first one who can start to change. We do not have to think very hard nor complicated. Just think and act simply to change the society and the world. We just need to do basic, simple things, then other people will follow after us. For example, we can eat less meat, do not kill the animals or abuse them, and therefore, reduce the amount of the trash that we throw away. Also, we can use less electricity so that we don’t have to use as much oil and coal as we do now to produce it. And as I live simply, then it will lead people to live simply, too.

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Human Impact

Human. They are the ruler of the world today.  However, they are not leading the world properly. What I mean by properly is that people are not making the world better than past times. It is because these days, there  is too much pollution going on the in the world. Now, we face the biggest environment issue called the global warming disaster.

Global Warming shows us that how human impact is significant. These days, the usage of refrigerator, hair dryer, sprays, and cars is increasing the amount of the carbon dioxide, which takes 100 years to disperse in the atmosphere. Due to carbon dioxide, the surface temperature of the world keeps rising. Therefore, more than 270 species of plants and animals are migrating  to escape the high temperature, also the sea level is rising 4 to 8 inches every year. The icebergs of the polar regions also continue to melt rapidly, causing serious problems regarding changes in sea temperature.

This global warming disaster becomes worsened by the trees being cut off everywhere in this world. Trees make the air clean but we cut them down to make furniture and papers, build house out of them, and make spaces for factories. The Amazon region in Brazil was most damaged by this trend. At some mountains, land slides are often occurring due to fewer trees. Trees in the mountain take places to prevent lands to slide from high position to low position, but the lack of tree can not be able prevent it anymore.

It is up to you what to do next.

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The Town

The story takes place in Charlestown, Boston.  Five people rob banks, through family conflicts. They get caught, and they were followed by FBI, and were on the verge of getting put into jail. They plan rob the final bank; the biggest in Boston. As they rob the bank, they get run by the FBI. Out of five, four gets killed, and one survives and goes with his girl friend, and runs off, out of Boston, and to the country.

It was one of my favorite movie that I have ever seen. In this movie, how the robbers rob many banks and never get caught was really dramatic. Also, the robbers’ masks that they wore when they were robbing. I know that it is bad to rob but while I was watching this movie, I was so into it so that I wish I was one of the member of the robbers. I hope that you will have chance to watch this great movie.

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X-Men : First Class

This movie is one of the series of X-Men. In this movie, it tells us the origin of the X-Men and how they were formed at the first place.

During 1944, at a German concentration camp in occupied Poland,  young boy named Erik Lensherr is separated from his parents by Nazi guards. As his desperate mind remarkably shows his power by bending a metal gate until a guard knocks Lensherr unconscious. Scientist Sebastian Shaw, who watched through a window, calls Lensherr up to see him and asked him to show his power but Lensherr couldn’t. So Shaw kills Lensherr’s mom and Lensherr showed his power after his mom got a shot. As he grew up, he meets Xavier and other mutated friends, and plans to fight against Shaw and opposite mutants. When Xavier’s group and Shaw’s group met, they had a huge conflicts and Lensherr kills Shaw. However, Lensherr began to think different with Xavier and wants to make his own group. Therefore, Lensherr takes mutants who wants to follow him and leaves. Xavier was sad that he lost his friend.

I watched all of the series of X-Men, so I wanted to know more about their origins. This movie was what I exactly wanted, and what most of you wanted. So I strongly recommend X-Men : First Class.

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Kung Fu Panda 2

Po, the main character of the movie, became a Dragon Warrior. Also he is now a one team with the Furious Five to protect the Valley of Peace. One day, Po heard the news that Lord Shen, a peacock who had a clan that ruled Gongmen City in China and used the power of fireworks as a weapon and rule the entire country is defeating every single Kung Fu masters.  In order to unlock Po’s secret power, he needs to look to his past and uncover the secrets of his origins. Whenever Po faces Lord Shen, Po recalls his childhood and it became closer for him to unlock the secret power. After some conflicts with Lord Shen, The Furious Five were arrested. However, Po, finally unlocked his secret power and save the Furious Five and defeat the Lord Shen. Also Po finds his biological father in the prison that Lord Shen was in charge.

I really enjoyed this movie. It was so fun, also it was very touchy. The action scenes were so cool and since many of you probably watched Kung fu Panda 1, Kung fu Panda 2 will be very fun to watch it. I hope you watch Kung fu Panda 2 as soon as possible.

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